✨Welcome to The Chapel✨

Thanks for entering the first "room" in The Chapel; the Prayer Room.  Please join us in prayer & meditation over these prayer needs.  You are invited to add your own prayer requests in the comments section below, and remember;


 "Rejoice always; Pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks;

 for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

 1 Thesselonians 5:16-18


✨Prayer Room✨

  • For L's friends brokern heart. -L  (Psalm 34:18)
  • For all those struggling with anger. - I
  • Ongoing prayers for baby M & mommy M's adoption situation - O
  • Restoration of purpose & God's will for a close friend. - S
  • Restored health & healing -N
  • Chemo struggles for friends with cancer! - L
  • Praises for new friends, opportunities & blessings! - M
  • Direction & God's  will for a ministry which is important in our community! -A,S,O
  • Protection & renewed purpose for TOS Ministry -A
  • For protection, healing & freedom. -I
  • Enlightenment, repentance & healing, as God brings light to emotions. -E
  • For Ms.D, may God provide peace & calm as she preps her testimony -D
  • Praise! For Ms D, and what a blessing she is to those around her ~D
  • Success & continued healing of a friend's eye surgery -N
  • For justice to prevail in the PPH cases -US
  • Friends who struggle with school, purity & teen life -O
  • Friends with behavior problems at home -B
  • For Q's surgery to restore her to full health - K
  • For the family; J,M,E,J for peace through the struggle of surgery -K
  • That M has success in her play with no stage fright -K
  • For N & A, that God guides them on the path of healing -I
  • For Mr K's recovery from knee surgery -J
  • Husband's full recovery from health problems  -K
  • Continued prayers for healing & restoration of a close family -B
  • Help with boundaries, compassion, empathy, understanding & pride -K
  • Help in doing the next right thing and reaching to God at every impulse. -I
  • Continued prayers for M & M's adoptive situation -M
  • Blessings & God's will as YB preps for Feb event -YB
  • Protection, growth & continued blessing for J,A,N,I,O,I,K,S's work together. -S 
  • For successful installation & training of new sound system this week! -KWJ
  • Please guide & direct whomever you will toward ministry ops at TAC -all

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  • Calm, peace & Dr's skills & wisdom as K enters into surgery ~S
  • Deliverance from addiction for family member ~E
  • God's peace in an adoption situation ~S
  • Let our home be a safe place for emotions to be acknowledged & protected ~ I
  • For the family of R.C. as they make decisions for elderly care ~S
  • Protection for children of hurting parents -K
  • The health of Sarah, Isaiah, Keith, Steve. ~S
  • Dedication of family & home to God. ~ K
  • For direction as husband considers an opportunity. ~S
  • God's will in an adoption situation ~S
  • Resoration of purpose & relationship of a close family ~S
  • The health of; Steve, Nancy, Robert, Shirley, Keith  ~S

✨Thank You for Praying with us & for us!✨

Many Blessings of God's Will in Your Life ~

Prince of Peace Homeschool