Our Transition into Whole Foods

If you had asked me 15 years ago, if I was a whole foods person, I would have said, "Oh DEFinatley!  I cook from scratch all the time...I was RAISED on it." If you detect a note of pride in that assertion - you'd be correct.  I was raised to see the value in having the ability to put a decent meal on the table, and still do.  I will always appreciate my Mother for that foundation, because nothing could have better prepared me for the enormous part of my life that would be spent in the kitchen!

When I realized the difference between "cooking from scratch" and cooking with “whole foods” it was out of pure necessity.  No…scratch that, it was actually desperation.  Shortly after we married, my husband spent the better part of three years in and out of the hospital for an autoimmune digestive disorder, which wouldn't be officially diagnosed until almost ten years later! In the mean time, he had three unnecessary GI surgeries, dozens of invasive procedures and swallowed so many prescriptions that we couldn't tell what was helping or hurting.  See Blog Page: The MAZEosinophilic Esophagitis.

Over the next several years as my husband’s condition was uncovered and we realized that food allergy was going to be a permanent part of our lives, two out of our four children upped the ante with life-threatening food allergies.  Our son’s list of what he CAN eat is shorter than what he can’t.  Seriously, to say that learning this threw a wrench into things for me, doesn’t really cut it.  The narrowing margin of alternatives, which I was only just getting used to, were shrinking again…  Our original goal:  “To eat only things that GREW,” changed.  Our new goal:  To eat only things that GREW, that would also not kill half the family.  It was a challenging time.

At this point, I really had to buckle down and get organized.  I had tried to go “whole foods” a few years prior when a friend took me under her wing and opened up a whole new world of things I had never before considered;

> sprouting seeds
> fermenting vegetables
> raw dairy
> yogurt making
> wild raw honey
> 48-hour bone broth

...to name a only a few.  One weekend, I set out to get my hands dirty trying out some of the things I had learned.  I placed an online order for raw seeds and Biokult, loaded up my new set of glass jugs into the trunk for the raw milk that I would inconspicuously buy from the only farmer selling in our area.  I also planned to visit the cheese factory for some RGBT-free butter and lastly, raw honey.  That was, IF I could finally track down "the bee guy" who was proving to be more elusive than the bees themselves.

When I came home with most of my supplies (no honey), I had only the milk unloaded when my husband, who had already begun to question my sanity, looked at everything and said, "THIS looks like it's going to get messy."  He was right, it was.  But it was really just me…in my zeal and excitement, trying to do too much, way too fast.  I had it my head that I would be making yogurt, chicken soup AND roasted seeds all in one evening...plus I hadn't even planned for dinner that night.  Truth be told, I got the yogurt going and we ended up at McDonalds.


In the end, I took the advice of my friend, which is well worth passing on to anyone attempting major dietary change...


Ah, too true.  Transforming your food-life is NOT easy.  A lot of things are working against you; time, money, finicky kids, resistant husbands, um, TIME…  And then there’s still dealing with the rest of the world, which I would generally be likely to dismiss as a nonfactor but…FOOD, it’s just so unavoidable.  It’s everywhere, it’s social, cultural, it’s what we all “DO” together – literally! 

“Hey, let’s do lunch.”  “Maybe we could do dinner?”  “Meh, let’s just do snacks.”  “How ‘bout we do the park, then we’ll do ice-cream?”  “Well, we’d better wait to do cookies until after we do the presents.” 

I mean really, you just can’t get away from it.  But ha!  Let’s not focus on all that!  Let’s focus on my friend’s sweet wisdom. 


For now, follow the LINK below, and let’s just “do” breakfast! 

Many Blessings of His Bounty ~

Moongarden Mama