I am so glad that you found Night Light Devos!  Here we will be focusing on something very specific: The words of the Way, the Truth, and the Life - our Savior Jesus Christ.  With a new verse every Sunday night & a simple 4 step devotion, try it for a week and see if you like it!


This Week's 4 Step Devo...


 1.  CHECK IN HERE on Sunday nights to recieve the new verse.  

2.  CONSIDER during the week; "Is there anything happening in my life today, that relates to this verse?"

3.  PRAY to God, asking Him to show you what He might be teaching you through experiencing His Word.

4.  SHARE what you learned so we can all be encouraged to see the Word, alive and working inside each of us.

Notebook Page







this "Fridge Minder."

With everything you need,

it will help keep you mindful

of the verse all week long.



I hope this simple devotion becomes a blessing in your life & helps you feel connected to a community of believers.  Most of all, I hope that it brings you closer to Jesus and helps you trust Him more.  

In Christ ~

Moongarden Mama

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