Aug. 6, 2017

A Poem; Room to Breathe

Behind a house, beside a pond
What stood on either end,
Were two small trees, which both did seem
To have a little bend.

To those who saw, it looked as if
The trees were trying hard,
To stretch actoss, so they could be
Much closer in the yard.

A little girl had noticed it;
"They are in love, it seems.
I'll take and plant them closer still,
So they won't have to lean."

So that she did, and as they grew
Their branches did entwine.
Together, they were beautiful,
As if they were Divine.

But just a short time later,
Their growing seemed to slow.
The little girl had noticed it,
But why, she did not know.

At once, she looked down to the ground,
To see their roots that grew;
They had become entangled,
No water could get through.

And when she looked straight up their trunks
As far as she could see,
Their branches grew so closely now,
That they could not wave free.

Though her intentions were well meant,
She knew what she must do,
She'd separate them just a bit,
Perhaps a foot or two.

From that day on, the trees grew strong,
She'd planted them as such,
So that they were still close enough
So just their leaves could touch.

And as she watched them through the years,
She scarcely could believe,
How much more beautifully they grew
When they had room to breathe.

Written by Sarah Elizabeth Kelley, 1995