Sep. 27, 2014

We begin!

What a great start to the school year!  Finally, after enduring what must have been Enterovirus, our immune systems served us well and we’ve started school!  It postponed us one week from our desired start date (Sept 8) and two weeks for extra-curricular activities, church, etc. As I mentioned in another post, passing along a virus is something we purposefully avoid.  

Once we got started (Sept 15th) we quickly found that adjustments in the schedule were necessary, to accommodate not three students but four, since the three-year-old boy has proclaimed himself an official student!  And so, there are four:  Ages 12, 10, 6 & 3, and I have to say, the “new addition” which might have been seen as a challenge is really more of a blessing AS LONG as I remember, that trying to redirect him to things to “keep him occupied in the other room…”  is totally counter productive.  He is much happier and actually more manageable IN the school room, AT the table IN the action!  So now, he is fully integrated into the schedule. Luckily, he is very good ;) about speaking up when he’s had enough and we again, adjust accordingly.    

I will say though, I do LOVE to hammer out schedules.  Actually, it used to be a bit of a problem, meaning I did it....okay, obsessively.  It is in this realm that we have learned our most VALUABLE lessons.  Click HERE for more on that...  

In short, the leaves are changing colors, and so are we!  Happy Fall to us ALL!