Sep. 8, 2014

Slight Roadblock, or.......?

You might remember our last post on the POPHS page, exactly one week ago today, where we gleefully entered into preparations for the new school year with the Bloopers Video?  That week, we did some house cleaning, wardrobe hauls, school supplies, began fighting off a virus.  .....Oh, I didn’t mention the virus?  Ah well, things were going just too well…time for a roadblock or maybe...something else?

I have to validate myself on this point, in the past this perceived "set back" would have dampened my momentum considerably.  Happily, thanks to the work that’s being done “inside” me, my perspective is...improving;)  So forward we go!  Doing what we must, healing up, and adjusting the calendar as need be, comforted in the knowledge that we are still on track!  Infact, better than that; amid all the tea making and lymphatic massages, having this happen has inspired me to begin a Natural Healing Page, the process of which is really blessing me!  So I guess even in the “buggiest” of circumstances, what might be perceived as a roadblock might actually be - an unexpected path to blessing.  I do Love it when He does that! :)

Here's a link to the Natural Healing Page, in progress!