How You Feel Matters


When you are faced with a roadblock which leads to feelings of disappointment or frustration; placing blame, making accusations or being harsh toward someone else is a reaction that did not necessarily originate inside of you.  


Instead, it could have been something that was imposed upon you unjustly, by someone you cared about or depended on early in life. Although you may have had no power whatsoever over the circumstances, they may have chosen to blame, accuse or be harsh with you, turning their own frustration into "your problem."  This may have happened over and over again.


Even if you did have something to do with the circumstances, it may have been accidental or you may have been doing the best you could at the time.  You may have even tried to express that fact, but your words were blocked by their own frustrated expectations.  This wasn't a true reflection on you, but it felt like it was, and it hurt.  In your own mind, you may have even begun questioning yourself, wondering what was really true about the situation and about you.  


In the end, someone chose to increase YOUR discomfort to try and DECREASE their own.  It was cruel and unfair.  It may have been the best THEY could do at the time.


Many Blessings of Healing ~

Moongarden Mama