Welcome to the Moongarden

I suppose the word "Mama" needs no explanation...but why "Moongarden?" Because, it fits.  I can be found late into the night;  writing a lyric, planning a menu, researching a new interest or creating lesson plans... I'm usually alone in my midnight madness, save for sneaking a late-night snack with my husband or guiding a wandering child back to bed.

We are a family of six, comprised of;  husband & wife, three daughters and a son.  We are, what you might call; "creatives," which lends itself to constant energy, sound & movement emanating from every single direction, during every daylight hour, and well into the evening!  If ever there comes a point when there aren't at least three people in the background; humming, singing, dancing, crafting, writing a book or running lines - all at the same time - I'll start checking pulses!

Some members of our family struggle with chemical sensitivities, life-threatening food allergies or auto-immune disease.  Some are recovering from trauma history, or may face sensory challenges.  Just like many of you, we are complex, we are not perfect and we are overcomers!  Our story is one of perseverence and victory over adversity for one simple reason - we have been richly blessed with ways to cope, heal and grow through:

"Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings." ~ Psalm 63:7


- Faith in Jesus Christ
- Music Ministry
- Homeschooling
- Grace Based Parenting
- Whole Foods
- Traditional Cooking
- Natural Healing
- Life Skills

Whatever the day brings, the quiet calm hours of the night are mine. Although my husband often compliments the unique ideas I bring to the family, he also scolds me for staying up so late at night. I have to say, inspiration comes all the time but where everything comes together is here, at night! I use this time to create, to pray, to recharge, to be silent, to just be...  These peaceful times drive away the madness...which brings me into Moongarden Gladness!

I hope you find something meaningful to you on these pages. Don't hesitate to leave a note! I love to share ideas, plans and thoughts about this or that. This "garden" is a family like any other, always welcoming "the Gardener" to feed and nourish, weed and prune - ever changing and growing.  As such, you'll likely notice that we are also very prone to phases...not unlike the moon.  You see?  Moongarden.  It fits ;)

Many Blessings in Christ ~

Moongarden Mama

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