Here's a preview of a just a few of the things that we've created, which will be available to you in 2016!


    Moongarden Market is now in the works and opening soon! Check back for more info.


    Finding our way, learning together! Adventures in Homeschooling from K4 through Jr High.


    We have combined our Emotional Healing and Healthy Parenting pages because we have come to see them as inseparable. Read here; thoughts about anger, reactive lifestyles and bringing shame out into the light of Truth.


    Visit the PRAYER ROOM where we share our hearts and go before the Lord together. Prayer requests & praises welcome!

  • BLOG

    A simple Blog where I mainly wrestle around with my own thoughts about...anything!

  • Night Light Devos

    Make this simple devo part of your week. New scripture devotion posted every Sunday evening.

  • Called to Nurture

    ***Coming Soon***
    A new page, dealing with the challenges of biblical womanhood in a broken world.

  • Real Food

    Just some recipe ideas from our gradual transformation into real/whole/clean eating.

  • E-Cards

    Send an E-Card to someone and invite them to check out out site.